About Ecosafi

EcoSafi, meaning clean environment in Kiswahili, is Kito’s environmentally friendly social enterprise. EcoSafi is dedicated to making Kenya more green by producing gift bags and greeting cards from recycled materials. We are concerned about the trash accumulating in the urban…..

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How to Get Involved

Since launching Kito, champions like you have come up with many creative ways to advance our cause. Below are a few suggestions on how you can get involved. As social entrepreneurs, we don’t want to limit your creativity so we’d…..


Football for Entrepreneurs? 

On the surface football may not seem an important study but team sports allow our students to network with others inside of the community, learn about teamwork, build confidence and even blow off some steam after intensive study. Beyond the…..


August’s New Class

We are proud to welcome our newest group of student entrepreneurs. Our latest group of students have started welcoming: List of names here