A world in which all youth have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We believe that KITO youth have the power to build a global movement of street youth helping their peers escape poverty.


Getting youth off the streets and out of poverty.

Caroline Wanjiru ( Shiro) 19 Years.

Caroline receiving her certificate during graduation from Kito training.

Caroline is a 19 year old joined Kito in June 2014 after successfully going through the vetting process. Caro, as  she is commonly referred in the community, comes from a single parent household. Her mom works at a Cereals store….Read More

Joseph Kang’ethe

I am Joseph Kang’ethe, former youth at KITO International. I joined KITO on june 2014. Just got the information from a friend about the training, where I joined Kito got in the training and got interested in the IT sector. My main challenge was idleness in the community which was due to unemployment…Read More

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Our Belief

“Getting youth off the streets and out of poverty one youth at a time”.