We are non-profit social enterprise with a simple philosophy. Give street youth an economic opportunity, and they will work their way out of poverty and stay off the streets forever. We believe every youth has the ability to become self-sufficient; they only need an opportunity.

Our Story


Our Impact Thus Far:

— 250 youth directly equipped with critical business and life skills

— 55 youth helped to find employment

— 5 youth entrepreneurs running successful businesses

— 7 youth continued education

— 25 community clean up initiatives

— 300 youth reached through sports and outreach activities


  • Unreasonable Institute Fellows
  • Unreasonable Institute Call to Action

We Change Individual Realities.

We create opportunities that guide youth toward a lifetime of self-sufficiency. Via a 2 month intensive training course and an additional 4 months of hands on learning, we give our students the jump start they need to seek employment, entrepreneurship or even continued education.

Sponsor a Youth


Step One

We recruit street youth and start them in a 2 month intensive course that teaches them professional skills, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and life skills.

Step Two

We give hands on work experience in ECO safi, Kito’s business. This allows students to build their resume while helping Kito to become sustainable through the promotional products we create for local businesses.

Step Three

Students exit our program to find employment, continue their education or even start their own business.