EcoSafi, meaning clean environment in Kiswahili, is Kito’s environmentally friendly social enterprise.
EcoSafi is dedicated to making Kenya more green by producing gift bags and greeting cards from recycled materials. We are concerned about the trash accumulating in the urban slums of Kenya, with a great proportion of that trash being plastic shopping bags. EcoSafi is committed to reducing environmentally harmful waste by replacing those plastic bags with reusable and recycled bags.
Kito youth work with EcoSafi for four months after graduating from Kito’s Training Program. Not only does employment at EcoSafi provide former street youth with a steady income, it also gives them the hands-on experience that they need in order to enter the workforce.
Product Portfolio
We currently produce a range of environmentally-friendly products, including custom-made paper bags and greeting cards printed on recycled paper, as well as sandals made from tires.
Custom-Printed Bags
Our bags are made in-house, and custom cut to your specifications.
Custom-Made Sandals
Our sandals are made in-house, and custom measured to your specifications.
Ecosafi is looking forward to expanding our product base and to bring more environmentally friendly products into the community.

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