Since launching Kito, champions like you have come up with many creative ways to advance our cause.
Below are a few suggestions on how you can get involved. As social entrepreneurs, we don’t want to limit your creativity so we’d love to hear if you have additional ideas on how to support Kito.
Sponsor Our Youth
With your help we can continue to give street youth the opportunity of a self-sufficient future. 100% of your generous donation goes towards covering the cost of:

  • Classroom materials for students in our training program
  • Small business loans for students who have received KITO’s Embark Scholarship
  • Raw materials used by EcoSafi in the creation of gift bags and greeting cards
  • Supporting ongoing projects and clubs (community cleanup, football team, etc.)

Visit or Volunteer with Us
Our doors are always open and we would love to have you spend time with us. If you will be in Nairobi, Kenya or are interested in traveling here to volunteer with us, please contact us so we can see how your expertise can have the most impact.
Share our Story

  • Follow us on social media and share our mission with others.
  • Write an article about our work in a blog, newspaper or magazine.
  • Hold an awareness event in your hometown.
  • Help us raise awareness and raise funds. Email Us, and we’ll help you plan and provide marketing materials.
  • Allow us to create exiting opportunities for graduates by putting us in touch with corporations and other organizations looking to hire talented youth.

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